Tom Evans

Biosense Founder & CEO


While studying biomedical engineering at Marquette University, I worked as an Emergency Medical Technician in Milwaukee, WI.  I assessed the patient’s condition and rendered on-scene emergency care for respiratory, cardiac, and trauma emergencies.  In the field, I found it very challenging to place ECG electrodes on patients.   Often, I had to decide if I would remove clothes in public to apply the ECG electrodes or move the patient to the privacy of the ambulance.  The current day ECG electrodes had problems sticking to sweaty skin and we would also have to shave skin-hair so the ECG electrodes would stay attached.  This took a lot of time to apply in a 911 emergency and was very frustrating.  Unfortunately, some patients crashed while applying ECG equipment in the field. 


I knew there had to be a better way to detect the electrical activity of the heart so I started BioSense.  I connected with leading engineers in non-contact sensing to develop and patent the world’s first non-contact ECG sensor.


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