The Technology



The BioSense solution comprises thin flexible sensors, a signal processing unit, and software for patient monitoring, human interpretation, and predictive analytics. 





The sensors are easily embedded inside of mattresses and because of their thin profile, the sensors aren’t noticeable by the user.


Lab Testing


BioSense correlates to a source signal at 94%, better than the gold standard, a LifePak monitor’s 88%.  It also shows a 95% correlation to the LifePak monitor. 


VIDEO Demonstrations


Demonstration of the working BioSense system on an infant that is also connected to a Lifepak monitor with sticky pads.  Notice that the infant pulls the sticky pad off.



After the patient gets into bed, BioSense detects the EKG through mattress cover, sheet, and clothing – through 3 layers in about 10 seconds of getting into bed.



The BioSense system detects a dog’s EKG during surgery, through 2″ of fur, without shaving or gels.






Imagine if you passively monitor a person’s EKG while they sleep, drive, and work.

There are over 480 biomarkers in the EKG signal that can be used to diagnosis hundreds of medical conditions such as sepsis, hypoglycemia, infections and many more.

These signals also offer insights into a person’s state of being that are important for occupational safety:

      • Fatigue
      • Stress
      • Temperature comfort