The Technology



The BioSense solution comprises thin flexible sensors and a signal processing unit that are easily embedded into a mattress for fast ECG acquisition in about 10 seconds without sticky electrodes or lead-wires.





BioSense reads the ECG signal through multiple layers of materials and presents the medical-grade ECG to hospital monitors for patient monitoring applications.


Signal Quality

In the lab, we conducted Correlation Analysis on ECG simulators and humans using FDA cleared devices.  Our results demonstrate 95-99% correlation to the predicate devices for multiple ECG biomarkers.   Soon, we start clinical trials in hospitals.

VIDEO Demonstrations


After the patient lies down into a bed, BioSense detects the ECG through mattress cover, sheet, and clothing – through 3 layers in about 10 seconds.




There are over 480 biomarkers in the EKG signal that can be used to diagnosis hundreds of medical conditions such as sepsis, heart attacks, infections, and many more. 

With fast and easy ECG acquisition while a person sleeps, drives or works, BioSense enables the daily monitoring of these many biomarkers and health conditions.