April 3, 2020

BioSense wins the Faurecia Biosensing Safety Challenge

BioSense selected as the winner of the Faurecia Biosensing Safety Challenge for the potential innovative use of biosensors for in-vehicle applications. 
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March 9, 2020


Southwest PDC selects BioSense to be part of the FDA funded Pediatric Device Consortium(PDC) located at Texas Children's Hospital! As part of the SXSW event in Austin, the SW PDC announced that BioSense was chosen to join this consortium whose aim is to increase innovation in pediatrics. BioSense is very excited to be apart of this great program!
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February 7, 2020

CTIP selects BioSense to join the Pediatric Device Consortium at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

The Consortium for Technology Innovation in Pediatrics(CTIP) selected BioSense to join the FDA-funded Pediatric Device Consortium (PDC) at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles to help bring innovations like BioSense's non-contact ECG to market faster in pediatrics.
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